Kate O\'Riley \'s portfolio

Kate O\'Riley \'s portfolio

Cosplay: Disney's Cinderella in her prom dress

Disney's Cinderella is from the year 1950, at this time color television was quite new and the TV's didn't always give back the colos as they originally were. At the base the prom dress from cinderella was white with a light silver schimmer and glitter on it. It is only when she is dancing in the shade that they give it a blueish toutch. Later when they have restaured the moovie and make new drawings the dress turned ou light blue. (i especially think about all the new merchandising stuff about the disney princesses)

I have decided to make mine look like the original 1950 desing and not the new colored version. This is why i used mostly white fabrics (taffeta and organza) and only a few light blue on top to give a slight blue shimmer.

I used about 38 meters of fabric in total ^^' i made a white taffeta underskirt with some white lace at the bottom. (you can see this on some pictures where she is holding her dress) Over it i had 2 layers with each 10meters of wrinkled organza. Than a layer of 10 meters very light blue organza with sparkes on it.

For the bodice i used white taffeta recovered of the light blue organza, I used a simplicity disney pattern for it (n° 2813)

i used Organza because in the french version of the moovie the fairy godmother says that the dress is made out "organdi" i could not find this fabric but i know that organdi is like organza just thicker. So i made 3 organza layers. The organza gives to the dress the very light and dreamy effect like the original dress had. I was pretty lucky to find the light blue organza with the sparkles on it, when i saw this fabric at the shop the only thing missing was a panel with whritten on it "Cinderella dress fabric this way!" ^^

for the skirt puffs and sleeves i decides to use satin because my gloves where made out of it too and so it matched all together (gloves where buyed... aswell as my hoopskirt underneath, the 2 only thing i didn't made myself ^^)

for the glas slippers i was lucky too, i found 2 years ago some rubber beach shoes that were transparent with silver glitter ^^ i already used them to cosplay Tinkerbell and Rapunzel.

The hairs are my natural hair and color ^^ They might be a tone or two lighter than Cinderella's but i didn't want to color them. A blonde like me is pretty rare and i'm quite proud of my natural hair collor ^^ i just tried to pick them up like a tippical 1950 hair bun. I first made a banana with my hairs and curled the ends which i picked up. I had to cut my front hairs a little for this cosplay.